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40-Year-Old Virgin (Erin: 4 Stars, Bret: 4.5 Stars)

A very funny film to help take the edge off of 21 Grams. Carrell’s break-out performance in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin scored a 4.5 from Bret and a 4 from the ever-stingy Erin.

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21 Grams (Erin: 3.5 Stars, Bret: 3.5 Stars)

The first of our films that neither of us had ever seen, 21 Grams best described as a “harrowing experience.” One that netted 3.5 stars from both of us. That said, Erin still needed a “mouthful of Steve Carrell” to cleanse her palette.

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8 Mile (Erin: 3 Stars, Bret: 3 Stars)

Both of us give Eminem’s film debut, 8 Mile, 3 stars, but are much harsher (and terrified of) the city of Detroit.

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3:10 to Yuma (Erin: 4.5 Stars, Bret: 4 Stars)

Our very first film review, 3:10 to Yuma.  Erin came out firing with a 4.5 rating early.

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Introduction to the Rock Movie Project

A long time ago in a house that is completely different than the one we are in now….

It is a period of great boredom.  Erin and Bret are constantly bickering over which movies to watch, with Erin constantly trying to force poor Bret to watch Crash or Hotel Rwanda. During the battle, Bret suggests that out of the 400-plus movies they own, many of them have never been viewed.  To remedy that situation, they decide to watch each film in alpha-numeric order (give or take a few alphabetizing errors by Bret) and produce a video review of every single one in hopes of entertaining dozens of people and restoring freedom to the galaxy…

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