Blue Chips (Erin: 1 Star, Bret: 3 Stars)

If he was in it, you would have noticed.

Absolutely one of the most contentious reviews thus far for the RockMovieProject.

Among the cavalcade of issues Erin had with the movie were the plot, the acting, the basketball scenes and, perhaps most importantly, Gary Busey’s performance.

What’s that, you say? Gary Busey’s performance? Was Gary Busey in Blue Chips?

That’s right, boys and girls, we discovered later that week that Erin thought Gary Busey, not Nick Nolte, played coach Pete Bell, which in Bret’s opinion, invalidates everything about her review.

While we patiently await a lawsuit from Nick Nolte for confusing him with Busey, let’s play another round of America’s new favorite game show: Things Erin Thinks Are Gary Busey!

In the end, we’ll go ahead and count Erin’s review as being a legit 1 Star (Bret gave it a 3 Star review), but please know a formal complaint has been lodged.

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What do you give the movie? What are your favorite moments? Let us know!

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