Casino Royale (Erin: 4 Stars, Bret: 4.75 Stars)

After a brief, Florida Bankers Association Annual Meeting-related hiatus, the RockMovieProject rolls on with Casino Royale.

“And by GREAT I mean every bit as good as About Schmidt!”

In what has become standard operating procedure, Erin gave a glowing review of the film (“It was GREAT. IT. WAS. GREAT.”) only to hit it with a 4 Star review when all was said and done.

Bret, on the other hand, declares Casino Royale to be the point of demarcation between all 5-Star films and any of those beneath that level (a declaration that he will almost certainly back track on in a future review).

Let’s just say that we are prone to hyperbole here at the RockMovieProject.

In the end, we both thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Craig’s turn as a less campy James Bond.

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What do you give the movie? What are your favorite moments? Let us know!

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