Center Stage (Erin: 4 Stars, Bret: 2 Stars)

You are probably looking at the post title and thinking one of two things: (1) That’s gotta be a typo; or (2) Is Erin on acid?

You are probably also looking at that screenshot and thinking, “were they pretending to be blind?”

I, Bret Barry Rock, do solemnly swear that none of those things are true, but I cannot speak to the mental state of my dear wife either. She absolutely just gave Center Stage a better score than Back to the Future (and a slew of other movies that I won’t bother to mention here).

What do I do with that? Do I commit her to some movie rehab facility? Just ignore it and hope it goes away?

For this one review, I am abandoning all pretense that this will be an unbiased review in order to present the facts in the case of Back to the Future v. Center Stage.

So there you have it, 10 out of 12 categories go to Back to the Future. Were it not for my wife’s secret love of ballet and a poor marketing decision, we’d have had a clean sweep.

As for my score, I gave it 2 Stars because, frankly, to get less than that from me means that I’d rather be water-boarded than have to watch it again (looking at you, Bram Stoker’s Dracula) and it wasn’t quite that bad.

Four stars from Erin, 2 Stars from Bret for Center Stage.
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2 thoughts on “Center Stage (Erin: 4 Stars, Bret: 2 Stars)

  1. irunjt says:

    No words……just….wow. 0_0

  2. I’m with Erin on this one. It has A JAMIROQUAI SONG moving one of the key scenes along, for godsakes. It’s got candy in its heels tonight (baby) while Back to the Future’s got… Huey Lewis and the News. The defense rests.

What do you give the movie? What are your favorite moments? Let us know!

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