Christmas Vacation (Erin: 5 Stars, Bret: 5 Stars, Megan: 5 Stars)

Barry Rock is not Clark Griswold.

To the best of our knowledge, he has never accidentally electrocuted a cat, locked himself in a freezing cold attic for hours at a time, nor has he ever broken a land-speed record during a sledding outing.

He has, however, nailed two trees together (the top of one and the bottom of another) to create, in his mind, the perfect tree.

Setting aside the fact that nailing two trees together to create one super-tree could be viewed as having a general regard for human excellence, this act (among other holiday misadventures) speaks to Bret’s father’s ability to get very close to being Clark W. Griswold; a huge reason why this movie resonates so much in the Rock household.

We are going to be honest with ourselves here — we are not good enough writers to explain why Christmas Vacation is so awesome.

That they do, Edward, that they do indeed.

The best we could do (aside from just re-printing the screenplay in this space) is just to say that, like some of the other comedies that have garnered high scores from the RockMovieProject, Christmas Vacation is just a slight exaggeration of how Christmas really is in a lot of homes.

In fact, how much you like Christmas Vacation is probably in direct correlation with how much you believe your father to be like Clark W. Griwold, Jr. As explained above, for Bret and his sister, special guest star Megan Rock, the differences  between Clark and their father are minimal.

From start to finish, Christmas Vacation is a fantastic film, that is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming (seriously).

We’d love to hear your favorite part of the movie or favorite quote in the comments!

Five stars from Erin, Bret and Megan for the movie that is truly the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

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One thought on “Christmas Vacation (Erin: 5 Stars, Bret: 5 Stars, Megan: 5 Stars)

  1. Super Kel says:

    I may be bias, but this is my favorite review you have done. After living with Barry Rock for almost 32 years, he IS Clark Griswold! Not only in Christmas Vacation, but in all of the other Vacation movies with Clark. Ask anyone that has ever traveled with us, and they will tell you. He has never dragged a dog for miles attached to the back of a station wagon, but he has tipped a boat over with his 2 boys in it, and dove for his sneakers instead of trying to rescue his boys. (Luckily their older cousin saved them). Christmas at our house is so like the Griswolds, between the blow up snowman, and hundreds of twinkling lights ( that don’t twinkle) to the tree that actually takes 5 people to get it into our house and as many to set it up. We have never broken 16 windows during the season, but this past year, we did put two rather large holes in our kitchen and living room ceiling! I think the one special part of the movie I like best is when Clark and his family go looking for the “perfect tree”. We have been doing this for the last 27 years, and every year, there is always some sort of incident. Bret’s favorite I think is the time we went to the tree farm and they were closed but, Barry insisted we could go get our tree and leave the money on the porch. Which would have worked out, until we got the truck stuck miles from the house, and were very lucky the tree owner saw our tracks and came and saved us. All and all it is my favorite movie ever. It is not suprising to any one in the family to come to our house any day of the year to see me watching it. Kyle made a rule a few years back that I couldn’t watch any Christmas shows until August, but rules are made to be broken! One last point, Erin you did get to experience sliding down suicide hill with your father-in-law, and I have pictures to prove that Barry definately looked like Clark going down that hill. GREAT MOVIE!!!! GREAT REVIEW!!! Can’t wait to hear what Kyle has to share.

What do you give the movie? What are your favorite moments? Let us know!

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