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BASEketball (Erin: 1 Star, Bret: 2.5 Stars)

A movie starring the guys from South Park as inventors of a driveway sport that eventually hits the big time and includes lines from Bob Costas like: “You’re excited? Feel these nipples!” ? You had Bret at feel these nipples.

Erin gives it just 1 Star, including demerits for it being low-brow (agreed) and for Trey Parker and Matt Stone having bad hair (agreed).

Bret gives it 2.5 Stars and, upon reflection, probably should have given it slightly higher given how frequently he quotes the film.

Sure it feels a little dated (Jenny McCarthy and Yasmine Bleeth still look like normal humans!), but sometimes you just need a goofy, low-brow comedy with a tremendous Unsolved Mysteries reference to get you through the night. Above all else, that is what BASEketball provides.

First you watch the review, then you get the khakis, then you get the girls.

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Bandits (Erin: 2.5 Stars, Bret: 3.75 Stars)

“Far more tolerable than you can possibly expect.” — Erin Rock

There’s your quote for the Bandits movie poster from this review. Erin gave it a 2.5 Star review because Bruce Willis’ hair was substandard and because she couldn’t get past the love triangle aspect of the film.

Bret, on the other hand, liked the film a lot. You can tell by the sheer number of times he says, “I like this movie a lot” (enough to give it a 3.75 Star review, succumbing to the dark side with a .25 Star). Also, if you aren’t sure whether Bret liked the ending or not, you certainly will by the fifth time he says so.

If nothing else, stay til the end for Dobby wandering into the shot. Christian Bale would have been SO pissed off if he were us:

“Why the f*#@ are you walking right through, cat? Ah-da-da-dah, like this in the background. What the f*#@ is it with you? Ohhhhh, goooood for you. And how was it? I hope it was f*@#ing good, because it’s useless now, isn’t it?

“F*#@’s sake cat, you’re amateur. You’re a nice cat. You’re a nice cat, but that don’t f*@#ing cut it when you’re walking around like this on set.”

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